iPoly & iPoly XE

Polyethylene is the material that makes up the tibial and patellar components of a knee implant. Polyethylene is important because it enables the articulation, or joint, of the implant components. On the tibia, the polyethylene sits on a metal platform and acts as the cushion between the tibia and femur. Polyethylene wear is one of the most common reasons for revision surgery. ConforMIS knee replacement systems are designed to reduce the risk of polyethylene wear:

  • Engineered for low contact stress throughout the range of motion
  • The latest material technology for stronger and more durable polyethylene inserts

ConforMIS offers two types of polyethylene material:



iPoly (GUR1020) is a time-tested polyethylene used in standard total knee systems for over 30 years. While maximizing contact area and conformity to the patient-specific femoral implant, iPoly has favorable wear rates and provides implant longevity.


iPolyTM XE (highly crosslinked vitamin-e infused UHMWPE) is the next generation of highly cross-linked polyethylene blended with Vitamin E.

iPolyTM XE is only available with iTotal CR.

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i: FDA cleared claims on fi le. IMPORTANT NOTES. Bench testing is not necessarily indicative of clinical performance. In addition, results of in-vitro wear simulation testing have not been proven to quantitatively predict clinical wear performance. For more information, please go to conformis.com//iPolyXE

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