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  • Tuesday, 12/9/14

    iUni 2-Year Clinical Outcomes Data

    At the 2014 ICJR Transatlantic Orthopaedic Congress new two-year clinical outcomes data for iUni was presented. The prospective, single-arm, multi-center study was designed to evaluate effectiveness and long-term survivability of the iUni system. At two years the analysis included 118 patients (120 knees) and saw the following results:

    • Range of motion increased an average of 11° from 120° pre-operatively to 131° at two years post-op.
    • Average KSS Knee Score was 94, and KSS Function score was 91
    • Average WOMAC score was 90
    • 99% of patients reported that they were satisfied at two years, with 89% reporting they were “very” or “extremely” satisfied
    • 89% of patients stated that the movement of their knee felt natural

    Download a summary of the study:

    iUni Prospective (Sinha et al)“Customized, Individually Made Unicondylar Knee Replacement: A Prospective, Multicenter Study of 2-Year Clinical Outcomes” (Sinha et al)