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Video Transcript

Brookside Surgery Center has been performing partial knee implants on an outpatient basis. What differences do you see using ConforMIS implants?

Becky Klein: So, one of our biggest revenue producers in an outpatient surgery setting is orthopedics, especially joint replacements. We’ve used several different manufacturers, but lately we’ve been mostly using the Conformis Patient-Specific Kit. On a typical day, we may perform five or six partial knee replacements, and that would require three sets of instrumentation for each patient doing it with a different manufacturer. So, you would have to have 15 trays sterilized and sitting on the rack to be used for those patients.

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Any time you have to bring in something from the outside to sterilize it for patient use, you are putting the patient at risk. Everyone in healthcare is aware that reimbursement is tied into your infection control rate. Everyone monitors infections for patients that come into their facilities. With using the Conformis Patient-Specific Kit, it arrives and is already sterilized. You’re minimizing the amount of human hands that have to touch those instruments before they come into contact with the patient. With the ConforMIS patient-specific kit, everything you need is right in the kit and it’s all ready to go. The box is opened in the surgery suite and the items are opened onto the back table for patient use. So, there are never any human hands that touch it until that patient is actually in the operating room.

Can you address what overall efficiencies you see using ConforMIS implants?

Becky Klein: It makes my job more efficient because it takes a lot of the worry out of “is a traditional implant tray that they are bringing in complete?” So, it saves time, because you don’t have to go through and check and make sure everything is there, make another call because something is missing. It allows a cost savings in staffing, including your reprocessing technician, your scrub technician’s time and the surgeon’s time. ConforMIS’ patient-specific kit makes the case a lot faster in terms of how it can be performed, because it eliminates all of the sizing. And it allows us to perform more knee replacements on the same day, because the turnover or the turnaround of the room is shorter. At our surgery center, it’s about a 10-minute turnaround or less from the time the previous patient leaves the room until the next patient is in the room.

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