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Video Transcript

In your experience, what is the difference between ConforMIS and off-the-shelf knee replacements?

Dr. Kwartowitz: One of the differences between the ConforMIS patient-specific implant is the components are made specific for the patient’s anatomy. So, instead of taking an off-the-shelf component, cookie-cutter component, where we size it in the operating room, the components are already made. So, there is no other company out there except ConforMIS that has a true patient-specific, custom component made for each individual, which is neat. And, because of that, you’re seeing increased motion and happier outcomes for the patients.

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Can you describe your first iTotal® operation?

Dr. Kwartowitz: The feeling of putting in my first patient-specific knee replacement was pretty exhilarating. It’s really a neat endeavor that we are embarking on where I still think its at its infancy, but I think the long-term results are going to continue where everyone is going to want this patient-specific total knee replacement.

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