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Video Transcript

What are your results using the ConforMIS iTotal®?

Dr. Mackey: My short-term results to this point have been fantastic. My patient feedback has been outstanding, they appear to be extremely happy with their results and my personal evaluation when they come back to see me in the office has also been every bit what I was hoping for out of this kind of an implant and I can’t think of any great reason why, for the right patient, that I would not recommend this implant. The customization seems to really appeal to patients. They like the idea that they are doing a CT scan; a 3D model is being generated of their knee. The custom-made cutting guides really help to make exacting bone cuts. And the implants, obviously being customized, fit perfectly, which means that there is no overhang, which can cause some irritation in some traditional knee replacement patients. Overhang exists when this part of the femoral component [pointing to metal] sticks further out past the edge of the bone and then will irritate the soft tissue, especially the muscles that exist out on this outer side of the knee. A customized implant really does eliminate that as being a possibility.

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Have you found the ConforMIS iTotal® beneficial for patients who have had prior surgery?

Dr. Mackey: I like that for patients who have previous surgery or previous hardware that’s been in place, the iTotal® has the ability to restore their anatomy very nicely. It gives me all the advantages of being able to realign their knee the way it’s supposed to be, and gives them the result they are looking for.

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