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Marty: I couldn’t walk up two blocks, I’d have to just quit. It was a very bad situation in my knee. The pain felt a terrible, terrible ache to the point when you didn’t even want to take another step forward, and that was the reason I went to have a knee replacement. I had seen four orthopedic surgeons in New York and they had me take an MRI, they all read the MRI and they all told me I needed a new knee. I asked what they were like, and they would take out a model of it. One was different than another one, and I said, “Well, how do you know it’s going to fit into my knee?” He said, “Well, we have various sized A, B, and C and when we look at your MRI we can tell whether we need A or B or C and that’s the one we use.

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I was amazed when I went to the last doctor in Florida who told me that he didn’t’ want my MRI, he needed a CT scan. I asked him why, and he told me that he can tell better exactly how my knee should look with an implant and that he used the ConforMIS system which basically is made for your specific body rather than taking one off-theshelf that’s closest to the fit from A, B, or C that they would make it custom-made for me from ConforMIS and that would be the best way to go. It blew me away. After the operation, I asked the doctor how long it would be before I could play golf. He said it depends on you and how you do your physical therapy afterwards add you’ll know when you can play.

And I was playing golf at six weeks. It felt amazing to be back on the golf course. I don’t fear making a turn and coming through where your knees bend and the bone would rub on the bone. It doesn’t happen anymore, so I don’t even think about it. I’m more relaxed on the golf course and hopefully I play a little bit better. My whole life just turned around. I can go back to playing golf and dancing and taking a long walk if I want to. It’s just terrific.

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