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Video Transcript

Can you address the issue of dissatisfaction? What causes patients to be unhappy with traditional implants and what is different with ConforMIS implants?

Dr. Buch: The two most common complaints are pain, number two complaint is “it’s unstable.” The biggest problem I get when the patients come back is they have pain on the side of their knee or pain where the metal does match and is rubbing next to their tendons and ligaments that run right by the bone in that area and if you have metal or anything that’s just overhanging just a little bit that can rub against the tissue, they always have pain and problems. It makes sense. If you’ve had your knee all your life, why am I going to change it and put a knee in to make it fit you. We ought to have a knee that matches your knee. It just makes common sense and it will work better. And that is what we offer and, believe it or not, it works.

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What makes the ConforMIS system different?

Dr. Buch: The first time I used the ConforMIS, I was hooked. You sit there and think to yourself, “Why didn’t we have anything like this before that matches things.” That is our biggest challenge in orthopedics of the knee is matching things, and the match was perfect. The biggest problem we have with all the other knees that we’ve done is getting it perfectly in. All we can do as surgeons is make it perfect into the bone. That was almost impossible across the board. What this allows you to do, also, and one of the biggest problems that surgeons havem is balancing and getting the rotation. When we put these components on, we don’t just put them on, they also have to be rotated perfectly. Because this is computer-generated to the patient and the patient’s mechanics in terms of how their knee works, because it matches the bone, it allows them to get their mechanics back because what you’re doing most of time with the other companies, you’re going like this and putting it in right. This one matches perfectly, it’s already fitted where it’s supposed to go where that rotation is and it matches perfectly every time. The most important thing is balancing and getting the kinematics of the knee back. It has to do with how the patient feels and the stability of the knee that makes it. You match the joints lines, you’re not cutting too much bone, which happens with all these other companies all the time. Then, you’re scrambling on the table to try to re-balance it. This doesn’t. It’s precise, you put it in, you trust it, and it works.

What is your experience with patients who have had an off-the-shelf implant and a ConforMIS knee?

Dr. Buch: Three of our patient that have had knees on the to other side we’ve put ConforMIS on because they came and said, “I want something that’s newer, state-of-the-art. The other one doesn’t quite feel right, I can get around and it’s okay, but it bothers me now and then and I can’t do things. It just doesn’t feel perfect.” Then we put their knee in on the other side and all three came back and said, “This knee is better. I like it better, I can flex it better, and I trust it.” I can’t say any more than that – what the patient says. The patient comes back and they love the knee.

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