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Video Transcript

How satisfied are your traditional knee replacement patients versus those with a ConforMIS knee?

Dr. Henderson: One of the complaints I get with my traditional knee replacement patients is that the knee just doesn’t feel natural. They feel metal clinking against plastic, they hear it; it just doesn’t feel natural. One of the unique things about the ConforMIS knee is that it’s designed to match the patient’s anatomy and the patients truly feel like it is their own knee. They don’t feel like they’ve had an artificial joint replacement.

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How does the sizing of ConforMIS implants differ from off-the-shelf implants?

Dr. Henderson: In traditional knee replacements it’s not uncommon to have oversized or undersized components. We may be in a surgery where the component is a little too small or a little too big. We don’t have a size 4.5; we have size 4 or 5. And what’s unique about ConforMIS is that they make the implant that perfectly fits the patient’s anatomy, whether it is a size 4 or 5 or 4.5. I think the major benefits for the customized knee replacement is definitely the implant won’t be undersized or oversized, which will allow for a quicker recovery, quicker regain of range of motion. It allows for less bone cuts, less soft tissue, which results in less pain post-operatively.

In your opinion, do you see any safety benefits using the ConforMIS system?

Dr. Henderson: The implant design is definitely more efficient and safer. What’s unique about the ConforMIS knee is that it comes pre-packaged, sterilized in one box as opposed to other manufacturers who have five and six trays that have to be sterilized and washed in between each case. The safety for the patient is improved because we don’t have to re-sterilize any instruments; they are all disposable instruments.

Is ConforMIS your choice for every patient?

Dr. Henderson: Severe deformity and very complex reconstruction, the ConforMIS knee is not applicable for that at this point. So, I do certainly use other implant designs. But, for the routine, straightforward knee replacement, no, that is my number one preferred choice of implant.

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