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Video Transcript

In your opinion, what major benefits do you see with the ConforMIS iTotal® knee replacement?

Dr. Lederman: Number one, the amazing feature of the iTotal® is the ability to reproduce one’s normal anatomy. And, if you reproduce the normal anatomy, it makes sense that the knee is going to feel more normal, it is going to function more normal. The other benefit – it saves bone. So, for the younger, more active individual that we know is going to outlive their total knee, maybe they’re 40, 45 years of age, and when it comes time to have to redo that knee, it is almost like doing a primary knee; there is that much bone left.

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In your experience, what are the key differences you see with the iTotal® vs. off-theshelf implants?

Dr. Lederman: The special design of the system, it’s not just a cookie-cutter, one size fits all, off-the-shelf. The component that goes on the end of the thighbone, known as the femoral component, is thinner than your typical component because it almost acts as an end cap. It resurfaces the end of the thighbone and it allows us to preserve a lot of the bone here. Also, unlike any other knee on the market, you have two separate inserts, this very specialized plastic customized to fit the patient’s anatomy, their ligaments, all of the soft tissue envelope. This is a crucial element that allows a more normal range of motion, a more normal feel to that range of motion, and often more stability. When we explain this to these patients, they get excited about it and often it turns their anxiety about needing a knee replacement into excitement.

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