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Video Transcript

In your experience as a physical therapist, what differences do you see between ConforMIS patients and those with traditional off‐the-shelf implants?

Ruth: I can see a difference, a dramatic difference, between the progress of the traditional knee patients and the ConforMIS patients. The traditional knee patients do have more pain and do have more swelling and its harder for us to progress them through their range of motion, their exercises and progressing themselves into function walking, which is a cane or nothing.

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Because my husband had a ConforMIS bilateral total knee replacement, I can compare how he has done with my patients that also had bilaterals, but with the traditional knee, and it’s amazing what he had done. He was off of the walker in a week. That compares probably about a month, about four weeks, for a traditional total knee replacement. He was onto a cane and back to work in a week and a half. That’s phenomenal. But I was more interested in the fact that the technology was so much different and that’s what I wanted to encourage my husband, who was my patient, to wait for that technology and to do that procedure.

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