Patient Ambassador: Jay Pilcer

Jay Pilcer

Patient Ambassador

When did you have your surgery?

I had my knee replaced in December of 2014

What made you decide to have knee replacement surgery?

I got a knee replacement because I was in chronic pain and I felt my athletic life was over. I thought I wasn’t going to be able to play golf. I wasn’t going to be able to surf again. I wasn’t going to be able to ski like I always have. Actually, I felt my skiing career was over. So I’m happy I got my surgery when I did

What can you do again now that you've had your knee replaced?

Actually, I think I’m a better athlete than I’ve ever been. I ski the upper uppers of Star Goat Lookout. I hammer everything. I surf, I bike, and I walk 18 holes three times a week. I am in absolutely no pain and all I can thank for that is Conformis and Dr. Huber and the people at Copley Hospital.


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