NEW: Updated iTotal CR iJigs and Surgical Plan

All orders placed after June 21, 2018 will feature the following elements in iJig design:


5° and patient-specific T1 cutting blocks include a tibial tubercle stylus

  • Sits more centrally on the tibia
  • Design has been optimized to allow for posterior saw blade reach

Tibial Recut iJigs (T1c, T1u)

With additional cross-pin holes


Flat distal femoral resection cases now feature a continuous distal cutting slot


  • Anterior cross-pins
  • Medial cross-pin
  • Pin alignment slot arrows


Anterior pinholes on F5 align with the original F3 holes in the event of additional distal femoral resection

iView Surgical Plan

  • Enhanced imagery
  • Transparent F4 to show:
    • Profile of the cut distal femur
    • Location of the posterior bone cut
  • Medial view at 90⁰ of the proposed implant placement

Femoral Impactor Tip

Rotational resistant rails

Femoral Trial

Osteotome slots to remove trial

Ressourcenzentrum für Chirurgen

Ressourcenzentrum für Chirurgen

iTotal CR

iTotal CR

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