Life After Knee Replacement

Conformis and Off-the-Shelf Patients Rate Their Post-Operative Experiences

Each patient’s post-operative experience is unique and can be influenced by multiple factors, including prescribed medication, adherence to a physical therapy regimen, and whether the patient is a recipient of an off-the-shelf or Conformis knee

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In a recent study between patients who received an off-the-shelf implant and patients who received a Conformis knee, Conformis patients consistently rated their post-operative experiences higher than off-the-shelf patients:


Question: “How confident are you in using your new knee?”

90% of Conformis patients rated that they were somewhat or extremely confident in their new knee, as opposed to 80% of off-the-shelf patients.


Question: “On a scale of 0-10, where 0 is ‘not at all’ and 10 is ‘extremely’, how satisfied are you with your new knee?”

85% of Conformis patients answered 8-10, as opposed to 70% of off-the-shelf patients. Additionally, 59% of Conformis patients rated their satisfaction at a 10 – only 30% of off-the-shelf patients rated their satisfaction at a 10.

“Forgotten Joint”

Question: “Currently, post-surgery, how often are you aware of your knee problems?”

75% of off-the-shelf patients answered that they were aware of their knee problems either monthly, weekly, daily, or always. 43% of Conformis patients answered that they are never aware of their knee problems post-surgery.

Active Lifestyles

Question: “After your total knee replacement, how much have you changed your lifestyle to avoid potentially damaging activities to your knee?”

Very few Conformis patients (17%) responded that they changed their lifestyle “a great deal” or “immensely. Conversely, 37% of off-the-shelf patients reported a great deal or immense changes to their daily activities.


Question: “On a scale of 0-10, where 0 is ‘not at all likely’ and 10 is ‘extremely likely’, how likely is it that you would recommend Conformis to a friend or colleague?”

An overwhelming majority (87%) of Conformis patients answered 8-10, while only 23% of off-the-shelf patients answered in this range.

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