Rochester Regional Health Orthopaedics

Colin Canham, MD
Medical School

2011, Washington University School of Medicine, MD



Dr. Canham attended medical school at Washington University in St. Louis. He then completed residency in orthopaedic surgery at the University of Rochester Medical Center. He developed a special interest in hip and knee replacement and therefore completed an additional one-year fellowship in hip and knee replacement surgery at Houston Methodist Hospital. During fellowship, he underwent specific training on how to perform total knee replacement using Conformis knees. He also received specialized training in the management of patients requiring the most complex types of reconstructive hip and knee procedures.

Dr. Canham’s practice focuses on problems of the hip and knee as well as fractures involving the upper and lower extremities. He performs minimally invasive direct anterior total hip arthroplasty and has a special interest in rapid recovery protocols following hip and knee replacement surgery. He is also specialized in treating failed or problematic hip and knee replacements and managing infected joint replacements.

Dr. Canham is committed to evidence-based orthopaedic care and has authored numerous peer-reviewed publications in the field of orthopedics. Research he has been involved in has also been presented at numerous national meetings.

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