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Daniel Davis, MD
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Orthopedic Surgeon at Ventura Orthopedics

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Loyola University Chicago, Stritch School of Medicine

Dr. Davis specializes in advanced arthroscopic and reconstructive techniques involving the shoulder, elbow and knee. Minimally invasive arthroscopic techniques minimize peri-operative morbidity and in most cases results in a superior outcome and quicker recovery when compared with traditional techniques. The practice also excels in the application of the latest technologies in joint replacement surgery of the shoulder and knee.

Dr. Davis also has extensive experience in the treatment of traumatic conditions of the skeleton utilizing the latest advances in intramedullary devices as well as locked compression plating techniques. These devices have revolutionized the treatment of complex peri-articular fractures allowing stable fixation despite less invasive techniques, ultimately minimizing co-morbidities, and enhancing functional recovery from injuries.

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