Medical School

Creighton University School of Medicine

Hometown: Monett, MO
Childhood ambition: To be like my dad
Favorite professional sports team: St. Louis Cardinals (sorry Ranger fans!)
Favorite sport/athletic activity to participate in: Football
Best travel memory: 1999 Europe backpacking trip with my hometown & college buddies
Best med school memory: Gross Anatomy lab & being in a band called “TENACIOUS MD”
Favorite song: Anything from the Seattle grunge era
When I really need to relax I: Play with my kids
Technology device I can’t live without: iPhone
Favorite medical TV show: Scrubs
Proudest moment(S): #1 Marrying my beautiful wife. #2 Holding my daughter’s hand & becoming a father for the first time. #3 Holding my son’s hand for the first time.
Fitness routine: Road bike
Favorite healthy snack: Pistachios
Fondest memory: See “Proudest Moment”
Biggest challenge: Getting into Med School
Most people don’t know I: Was the 1998 Creighton University Homecoming King
My perfect day: Making breakfast for my family, hiking & white water rafting with my family, flyfishing with my dad & then grilling our catch for the family dinner.

One Patient.
One Implant.

Conformis does something that we believe no other knee implant manufacturer has done. We combine advanced 3D imaging technology with the latest in manufacturing capabilities to put the patient at the center of implant design.

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