Medical School

Creighton University School of Medicine

Hometown: Monett, MO
Childhood ambition: To be like my dad
Favorite professional sports team: St. Louis Cardinals (sorry Ranger fans!)
Favorite sport/athletic activity to participate in: Football
Best travel memory: 1999 Europe backpacking trip with my hometown & college buddies
Best med school memory: Gross Anatomy lab & being in a band called “TENACIOUS MD”
Favorite song: Anything from the Seattle grunge era
When I really need to relax I: Play with my kids
Technology device I can’t live without: iPhone
Favorite medical TV show: Scrubs
Proudest moment(S): #1 Marrying my beautiful wife. #2 Holding my daughter’s hand & becoming a father for the first time. #3 Holding my son’s hand for the first time.
Fitness routine: Road bike
Favorite healthy snack: Pistachios
Fondest memory: See “Proudest Moment”
Biggest challenge: Getting into Med School
Most people don’t know I: Was the 1998 Creighton University Homecoming King
My perfect day: Making breakfast for my family, hiking & white water rafting with my family, flyfishing with my dad & then grilling our catch for the family dinner.

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