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John C. Austin, MD

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Medical School

University of Michigan Medical School (Ann Arbor, Michigan) Medical Degree


Customized Total and Partial Knee Replacement Direct Anterior Approach Hip Replacement Arthroscopy and Minimally Invasive Shoulder and Knee Reconstruction Shoulder Rotator Cuff Repair, Superior Capsule Reconstruction, and Anatomic/Reverse Shoulder Replacement

Dr. Austin’s goal is to deliver exceptional care and to partner with you to achieve the best result possible. He and his team are passionate about restoring your health and optimizing your activities so that you can enjoy life to the fullest and engage in an active lifestyle.  Experience is crucial in making the best choice for your health care. With 19 years of clinical experience, Dr. Austin has completed countless clinical evaluations and has performed thousands of surgeries. He carefully weighs all of the relevant factors in each particular situation as a part of your individual treatment plan.  Dr. Austin has spent decades optimizing his knowledge and skillset in order to deliver you the best orthopaedic treatment possible. His passion for learning, progressive mindset, and flexibility in looking at traditional problems from new vantage points allow him to merge the timeless principles of anatomy and physiology with the latest surgical techniques and technological advances.

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