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Kirt Kimball, MD
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Orthopedic Surgeon at Revere Health

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UCLA School of Medicine


Orthopedic Surgery of the Knee and Shoulder, Sports Medicine of the Knee and Shoulder

Dr. Kimball moved to Utah Valley in 1996 and brought with him extensive experience in Orthopedics and Sports Medicine. Born and raised in Long Beach, California he did his undergraduate studies at Brigham Young University and University of Southern California. He and his wife Julie are parents to 10 children and 37 grandchildren. All ten children have graduated from BYU. His children include 5 physicians, a Nurse Practitioner and a Registered Dietitian. He enjoys snow skiing, hunting, water sports and watching football, basketball, volleyball and soccer from the sidelines.

Dr. Kimball is the Team Orthopedic Surgeon to Brigham Young University since 1996.

Dr. Kimball limits his practice to conditions of the knee and shoulder. Many of his patients are sports enthusiasts. He takes pride in his ability to meet the orthopedic needs of athletes of all types. He enjoys being on time, practicing efficiently, respecting the rights of patients and informing patients of their condition in terms that are easy to understand. He believes that patients should control their medical care with the professional advice of physicians.

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