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Mary O'Connor, MD

Current Appointment

Orthopedic Surgeon at Mayo Clinic Florida

Medical School

Medical College of Pennsylvania

The research of Mary I. O’Connor, M.D., focuses on joint replacement surgery of the hip and knee, as well as limb salvage surgery for bone and soft tissue tumors. Dr. O’Connor is a co-investigator in a new pilot study to determine if injecting a patient’s stem cells into his or her arthritic knee joint will slow the progression of, or even reverse, the osteoarthritis.

She is also particularly interested in the influence of gender on treatment and outcomes in arthritis – women have a higher disease burden and oftentimes less optimal outcomes – and research into improving the process of care delivery as a means of improving quality and decreasing costs.

Dr. O’Connor is leading a study into potential differences in knee tissues between men and women with knee arthritis in an effort to better understand why women develop more knee arthritis than men. Also being investigated is whether women ask more and different questions related to knee surgery.

In addition, Dr. O’Connor has been engaged in research with computer-assisted navigation for knee replacement surgery and has also continued research on bone and soft tissue tumors.

Internship: Department of Orthopedics, Mayo Graduate School of Medicine, Mayo Clinic College of Medicine

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