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Patrick O'Meara, MD
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Orthopedic Surgeon at Palomar Orthopaedic Specialists

Medical School

USC School of Medicine

Dr. O’Meara received his medical degree at the  University of Southern California (USC) School of Medicine.  During this intense additional four years of schooling, he co-authored two research studies regarding orthopaedic-related issues.  Both studies went on to be published in major orthopaedic journals.

After graduating from medical school, Dr. O’Meara attended a five year Orthopaedic Residency through the University of Kansas. During his residency, Dr. O’Meara continued his commitment to research and he authored a multitude of scientific papers that were published in several reputable orthopaedic journals.  Because of his accomplishments during his training, Dr. O’Meara was awarded the Mid-America Orthopaedic Residency Award which gave him the opportunity to travel to the prestigious Campbell Clinic in Memphis, Tennessee to train in sports medicine including specialized arthroscopic procedures of the shoulder and knee.

Dr. O’Meara established his private practice in Escondido and founded Palomar Orthopaedic Specialists, APMC in 1992.  He was recruited to the area by Palomar Medical Center to provide state-of-the-art orthopaedic services to patients within the Palomar-Pomerado Health District.  He established the largest orthopaedic office and orthopaedic group in the area and he quickly distinguished himself as the premier orthopaedic surgeon in Inland North County.

Through his commitment to provide the very highest quality of care to his patients, Dr. O’Meara became involved in developing highly specialized orthopaedic surgery centers where patients could receive a level of care not available at hospitals. Dr. O’Meara helped build and develop Elite Surgery Center in Escondido; The Orthopaedic Surgery Center in La Jolla; and Carlsbad Surgery Center in Carlsbad.

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