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Richard R. Grimsley, MD


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Orthopedic Surgeon at Jacksonville Orthopaedic Institute

Medical School

Miller School of Medicine, University of Miami

Dr. Richard Grimsley grew up in Jacksonville, and has been in practice here since 1995.  A member of OrthoEdge, he performs surgery at St. Vincent’s Hospital, which is the only accredited Center of Excellence for Joint Replacement in Northeast Florida, and also has surgical privileges at Orange Park Medical Center.

Dr. Grimsley has extensive Total Joint Replacement experience and is a fellowship-trained specialist in adult joint reconstruction. He has performed thousands of joint replacement procedures, and keeps abreast of the latest surgical techniques.

Dr. Grimsley entered the medical field because of the gratification he gets from helping patients. According to Dr. Grimsley, “Very few medical specialties are able to cure a specific disease as effectively as orthopaedics. In most cases, joint replacement surgery can resolve a patient’s problems completely, and that’s really satisfying. “

Dr. Grimsley also made an appearance on First Coast Connect, a local television program, discussing the Conformis implant: Wednesday, December 14th, The Jacksonville Orthopaedic Institute with Dr. Richard Grimsley


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