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Vivek Neginhal, MD

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Fellowship-Trained Orthopedic Surgeon at Scott Orthopedic Center


Total & Partial Knee Replacement, Anterior Hip Replacement

Vivek S. Neginhal, M.D., is fellowship trained in total joint replacement at Lenox Hill Hospital, Cornell University, NY, with emphasis on surgical arthritis and uncommon primary joint replacements, as well as at the University of Chicago Hospital with emphasis on minimally invasive techniques and adult reconstruction surgeries of Hip and Knee. Additionally, he underwent Traumatology training at Baylor College of Medicine, TX.

In addition to general orthopedic care, Dr. Neginhal specializes in the following services; Partial Knee Replacement, Personalized Knee Replacement with MRI Signature Knee, Computer Navigated Knee replacement, Customized 3D Knee Replacement, Anterior Hip Replacement and Birmingham Total Hip Replacement for the younger generation.

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