iUni & iDuo

Knee implant options for patients with partial osteoarthritis

Did you know: Not every patients needs their entire knee replaced?

If you have osteoarthritis on 1 or 2 components of your knee, a total knee replacement might not be your best option.

The iUni® and iDuo® partial knee implants preserve the parts of the knee not damaged by arthritis. As patient demand and activity levels have increased, the interest in bone and tissue sparing partial knee replacement approaches have increased dramatically as well.


iUni & iDuo

iUni & iDuo allow the surgeon to treat just the affected compartments of the knee in a procedure that not only provides patients with the potential for more natural knee motion, but also preserves future treatment options—a benefit to both patients and surgeons alike.

The Conformis approach to partial knee replacement

Provides a customized fit specific to your knee: Femoral and tibial components are designed to follow the contour of each patient’s anatomy.

Improved operating room efficiencies: iUni and iDuo are delivered in a single, pre-sterilized kit before surgery, which means limited implant inventory for the hospital as well as easy set up and tear down.


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Other Products

Other Products

In addition to partial knee replacements, we offer total knee replacement options as well as customized instrumentation for each and every case.

Custom-Made Knee Implants

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Custom-Made Knee Implants

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