What Is Reviews From Friends?

When you need advice about a big life choice, you probably turn to your friends. But what if you don’t know anyone who has been through knee surgery? That’s where Reviews from Friends comes in. Rather than trying to make sense of review sites, you can connect with real patients and have an honest conversation.

  1. Search our list of real patients anonymously
  2. Select surgical details that are most relevant to you
  3. Start an anonymous text message

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Please remember that Patient Reviewers’ comments about knee replacement relate to their experiences only. As with any treatment, individual results will vary. Talk to your doctor about knee replacement and whether it may be right for you. Reviewers are people who have undergone knee replacement with a Conformis custom-made knee implant and who have volunteered to talk to you about their personal knee replacement experience. They are not Conformis employees and they do not offer medical advice or answer technical questions. For all medical questions, please consult your doctor.
Conformis does not monitor or control an Reviewers statements, and cannot be responsible for their remarks. Reviewers are instructed not to disclose your personal information to others but we cannot guarantee this will not happen. Therefore, we encourage you to refrain from sharing your personal information with the Reviewer unless you wish to do so.

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