Outpatient TKA: iTotal CR Total Knee Replacement System in an Outpatient Surgery Center

The Conformis iTotal® knee system is changing the way orthopedic surgeons perform total knee replacements in the outpatient setting. The iTotal® knee is a customized implant designed utilizing the patient’s CT scan and created based on the patient’s individual anatomy.The Conformis system drastically reduces the number of trays required for a total knee case, as everything from the customized implant to patient specific instrumentation is contained in one sterile case. Only one tray of reusable instruments is required. For ASCs and hospitals, this means no implant inventory and only one tray to clean and sterilize. For surgeons, this translates to an efficient OR and reduction in procedure time. For patients, customized implants fit to each individual patient have demonstrated superior clinical outcomes, including better function and greater patient satisfaction compared to traditional, off-the-shelf implants.Orthopedic surgeons Wallace L. Huff, Jr., MD and Gary A. Levengood, MD discussed their own experience related to the following topics:

  • Coordination and planning for successful outpatient TKA, including patient selection and pre-habilitation
  • What they have seen in their practices to be the benefits of iTotal® CR in an outpatient setting
  • The steps they take in their practice to set the patient up for a successful recovery

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