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For a patient that suffers osteoarthritis, the goal of any knee replacement is to be pain-free, restore natural motion, and for patients to return to their everyday activities. That’s why we believe each patient deserves customized implants.

Since 2004, Conformis has partnered with the best orthopedic surgeons to deliver new individualized solutions designed to eliminate joint pain. Each knee is unique, and so is our Conformis knee 3D replacement technology – customized for you to be fully active again. Studies show that patients with a custom-made knee:

  • have reported improved pain and stiffness after surgery
  • experience a normal knee feeling
  • feel more satisfied than with off-the shelf knee replacement
  • recover faster after surgery

We are the leader in personalized knee solutions with more than 137,000 successful implants, and are supported by more than 10 years of clinical evidence. Let us help you regain your mobility and live freely again via our simple procedure.

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For Surgeons

As the original developer of the custom-made knee implant, Conformis puts the patient at the center of implant design. Since our creation in 2004, we have proudly achieved more than 137,000 successful implants.

By combining advanced 3D imaging technology with the latest manufacturing capabilities, we manufacture each and every implant based on each patient’s unique size and shape, resulting in:

  • 100% Respecting Patient’s Natural Geometry
  • Better Kinematic Results and Neutral Mechanical alignment reached
  • Improved function and range of motion VS OTS implants
  • Higher patient satisfaction
  • Better health economic outcomes and lower hospital inventory

Our personalized implants demonstrated outcomes in 50+ clinical studies and 30+ peer-reviewed publications. Supported by more than 10 years of clinical evidence, we recently received a 7A Performance ODEP rating.

We have developed a broad line of patient-specific knee implants and single-use instruments delivered in a ready-to-use complete pre-sterilized box that comes with a customized surgical guide allowing greater OR efficiency. No compromises anymore in terms of size and fit, only a personalized approach for each patient.

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The only truly patient-specific
total knee replacement

Conformis knee replacements are designed to match every aspect of your natural knee. The goal of any knee replacement is to be pain-free, restore natural motion, and for patients to return to their everyday activities.

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From Image to Implant

Have you ever wondered how our fully personalized knee implants are made? This video takes you through how we take the scan of your knee and turn it into an implant! Watch to see this one-of-a-kind design and manufacturing process.

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The Conformis experience is best described in our patients’ own words. Watch these knee replacement video testimonials from real Conformis patients to learn more about their surgery and recovery experiences.

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We believe that everyone involved in the process of considering or receiving a joint replacement should be informed and aware of their options.

Why a Personalized Knee?
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