Administrative Resources

Administrative Resources

We have a number of resources to help make your experience with the Conformis process smooth and simple.

Orders can be viewed and managed through

For Imaging questions, please contact our Imaging Team at

If you would like to speak to a member of our Customer Support team, +(1)781.345.9180 rings to the entire department. Phones are open between 7:00 am 6:00 pm EST.

Updates should always be submitted ASAP by email to, it’s more convenient to settle urgent matters by phone, feel free to reach us.

For all other questions, please call 781.345.9001 (option 3) to speak with a Conformis representative.

If you are looking for other documents (CIP, IRF, Reusable Instrument Order Form, Patella Order Form, DOF,…) please reach out to your local representative.

Surgeon Resource Center

Take an in-depth look at product information, clinical data, and the experiences of other surgeons

Surgeon Resource Center

Healthcare Professionals

Resources and information for medical professionals

For Professionals