Why Conformis?

Pioneer in personalized knee solutions with more than 137,000 successful implants and supported by more than 10 years of clinical evidence, Conformis is the leading manufacturer for customized knee replacements. Recently, Conformis has been granted a 7stars ODEP rating. Conformis is a medical technology company focused on advancing orthopedic patient care and creating a world without joint pain.

Our patient-specific implant offers better clinical outcomes than OTS based on the following measures:


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Designed to match each patient’s unique anatomy resulting in precise fit, deep flexion, and stability through a wide range of motion

Custom form and fit are critical to restoring function and improving outcomes in Total Knee Arthroplasty. Conformis implants are designed based on patient’s anatomy. Off-the-shelf knee implants are designed based on a set of pre-determined measurements, and the “closest fit” is selected at the time of surgery. We design our personalized implants to follow the particular shape and contour of each patient's joint. As a result, we believe our implants offer an increased potential for a knee that moves more naturally and is more stable.
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Designed for normal kinematics

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Designed to maintain condylar offset and to optimize bone preservation

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Designed for OR efficiency

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Designed for higher patient satisfaction.

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How to plan your first surgery?

It all starts with a scan
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CT Scan

Recreation of neutral mechanical alignment and design of unique implant and instruments based on each patient's data.

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Personalized Design

Using the latest 3D printing technology, we produce a patient-specific prothesis as well as its disposable instruments (iJigs).

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Implant Delivery

We deliver our ready-to-use implant kit pre-sterilized together with a pre-operative surgical technique guide (iView).

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The surgeon can operation without compromises as Conformis has restored the patient anatomy in its implant.

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