Patient Advocate: Janet Shelton

Janet Shelton

Patient Advocate

When did you have your surgeries?

I had my left knee done in September of 2016, and my right knee done in December of 2016.

What were your knees like before surgery?

I played tennis four or five times a week. It was a passion. And when you’re so passionate about it, you just don’t ever want to give that up. I pretty much played through the pain for over five years. After talking to my doctor, he gave me cortisone shots about every four to six months on both knees for about five years. I’d limp along with those shots and think it wasn’t time yet. And then last about August, it was the end of my tennis season, and I played that last game, and I knew without a doubt, it was time for my surgery.

How are you feeling after surgery?

My knees have given my life back to me. I’m just as active, maybe more so, than I ever was, without any pain. I love these knees.

What do you love most about your knees?

They did 3D imaging and made perfect dimensions of my bone structure. They manufactured this beautiful knee, and I had a wonderful surgeon who inserted it – I just think it’s wonderful!


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