Conformis Patient Advocates: Knee Replacement Testimonials and Stories

Conformis Patient Advocates are real patients who are living with a Conformis knee replacement. Hear about their experiences throughout recovery from knee surgery.

Knee Replacement Experiences from Real Patients

Our Patient Advocates were invited to our world headquarters to see for themselves how their custom-made knee was designed & manufactured. Featured here, each advocate is holding an exact replica of their own implant that was presented to them at the factory. Click through to hear their knee replacement stories.

Stephanie Donovan

Before surgery Stephanie was unable to hike in the woods with her dog. Now they hike for hours - so long that her husband jokes he is the only person unhappy with her knee, because he doesn't see her as much!

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Betty Small

Betty received an off-the-shelf implant in her right knee. When it was time to get her left knee done, she chose Conformis - hear her explain the difference between her two knees.

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Dave Lintz

Dave's knee pain was so severe prior to surgery that it kept him off the golf course and dance floor for years. Now that he has two patient-specific knees, he is able to dance and golf again.

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Janet Shelton

As an avid tennis player and former flight attendant, Janet says she's walked "about a million miles". After struggling through injections for years, she finally let her surgeon know she was ready for a bilateral knee replacement.

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Mike Eisner

Yoga instructor Mike also enjoys climbing trees in his spare time. When his past injuries caused his knee to deteriorate to the point of knee replacement, he discovered the difference a patient-specific knee can make.

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Darvina Heichemer

Darvina was always active, as a downhill skier, cheerleader and hiker. She had her total knee done as an outpatient procedure and was home the same day.

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Tedd Boomershine

Tedd, a physical fitness enthusiast and dog lover, had both his knees replaced October 2014. He now works out regularly and walks his dog Stella 3 miles to and from the gym.

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Harald Harb

Harald is a ski instructor and retired professional skier who was back on the slopes 3 months after having his total knee replacement in 2015.

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Keith Mason

Keith enjoys being able to work out with his trainer and golf again now that he's had his knee replaced.

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Kay Hashagen

As a physical therapist, Kay has worked with many off-the-shelf knee replacement patients. When it came time to get her own knee replaced, she sought out the only implant made specifically for her anatomy.

Joe Moranto

Impressed by the technology used to create custom-made knees, Joe spoke with his surgeon about the option of a Conformis knee when it was time for surgery.

Irene Passani

Irene had a partial knee replacement in 2011 after years of pain, and post-surgery she is back to biking 3-4 times a week and kickboxing.

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Michele Budd

Michele had her Conformis knee put in September 2014 after having an off-the-shelf implant on her other knee done in 2011. Learn about the difference she felt.

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Jack McCurdy

Jack, a high school and collegiate athlete, had both knees replaced in 2012. Recently, he earned his Fitbit Japan badge for walking 1,869 miles, the length of Japan.

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Pam Brooks

Pam is an avid hiker whose knee pain prevented her from doing so. Just 6 weeks after surgery she was able to walk 9 miles per day while on vacation in Florida.

Molly Seaman

Molly was a collegiate gymnast who had 14 procedures on her knee before getting a total knee replacement. Today Molly is a competitive salsa dancer.

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Lorraine Vallencourt

At 94 years old, Lorraine says she is "no young chick". When it came time for knee replacement surgery both she and her surgeon chose Conformis as the best option.

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