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Finding a Surgeon

If you are looking for a Conformis trained surgeon, please feel free to visit our Surgeon Locator and enter your city or zip code to find a doctor near you.

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Our implants are made out of cobalt chromium molybdenum, a standard metal used in orthopedic implants. The tibial and patellar inserts are machined and made of ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMWPE) or highly crosslinked vitamin-e infused UHMWPE. The 3D printed iJigs are made of polyamide, or nylon.

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Clinical Data

Conformis is dedicated to advancing understanding of our products and their benefits to patients, surgeons, and hospitals. As a company, we continuously support head-to-head, direct comparative studies against many off-the-shelf implant designs. We are also currently supporting multiple studies in progress that assess various measure of patient outcomes.

You can find the latest information on clinical studies on Conformis implants on For a list of published papers, please visit our Conformis Clinical Studies page

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Conformis vs. Robotics

While robotic-assisted surgery is patient specific in regards to bone cuts and positioning, the implant used in the surgery is not custom-made for your anatomy. When using robotic technology, the surgeon must still choose from a limited range of generic, off-the-shelf implant sizes.

Conformis takes a different approach to knee replacement surgery. Our software uses the information gathered from your CT scan to map out the topography of your knee anatomy, create a 3D surface model as if it were in a pre-diseased state, and build your custom-made implant off that model. Arthritic deformities like bone spurs or flattening of the joint are corrected in the new design.

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Recovery Time

A number of factors influence your recovery time, success rate, and range of motion results. It truly depends on the individual, and we encourage you to discuss these matters with your surgeon and rehab specialist. They are the experts on your case, as well as recovery progression, and will be able to give you a much clearer picture of what this experience will look like for you under their care.

We understand your desire to understand how knee replacement will impact your life. Your return to work will be dependent on your job requirements and endurance. Typically, patients return to office work in two to three weeks. Lines of work which require longer periods of standing may also require a longer period of recovery time.

For some patients, physical therapy is not required. Your surgeon can best determine whether or not this is appropriate for you. In all cases, an immediate postoperative recovery will focus on protecting the knee, minimizing discomfort, and ensuring early return to motion. After that, your surgeon will prescribe a set of simple exercises to aid in recovery and strengthen your knee. Ultimately, your clearance for returning to work will be determined by your surgeon and rehab specialist.

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Insurance Cost or Coverage

Our implants are covered under most private insurance, as well as Medicare, as any other joint replacement would be. As with any other procedure, we highly encourage you to connect with your surgeon’s billing person to confirm coverage and take care of any necessary pre-authorizations.

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History of Conformis, Inc

Conformis was founded in 2004, and our first product launched in 2007. Our products have been cleared for use in 3 continents, 10 countries, and every major market in the United States. Hundreds of surgeons all over the country use our products on a regular basis. In the fall of 2016, we celebrated the major milestone of 50,000 knees! If you would like to take a look at how we celebrated this major milestone, check out our press release.

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Benefits of Conformis

In a typical off-the-shelf knee replacement, the surgeon has to select an implant from a limited range of standard sizes.Because these types of implants aren’t designed to your specific anatomy, surgeons often have to compromise on implant fit, rotation, and alignment. These compromises can cause pain or discomfort after surgery. With Conformis, having a better shape and fit creates the potential for less pain and a more natural feeling knee.

5 Key Distinctions: Conformis vs. Off-the-shelf implants

Conformis Patient Education Brochure

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Joining our Community of Conformis Patients

Would you like to join our community and share your experience with other patients and the media? Use the link below to share your story with us! We will also send you a patient kit that will let you share your Conformis pride.

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