Patient Advocate: Joe Moranto

Joe Moranto

Patient Advocate

When did you have your surgery?

I had surgery in February of 2016

What were your knees like before surgery?

I had pain. My knee also clicked, which was very unusual and embarrassing. People would look around because they didn’t know what was going on.

What can you do again now that you've had your knee replaced?

I was able to resume my normal life just where it was before, and with very little difference. My new knee has been such a big asset to me. I raise coy, and I’m also a gardener. And I can get down on my knees and garden, without any hold ups.

As a metallurgical engineer, what do you find most interesting about the Conformis knee?

What I find most interesting is the metal used in the implant. This was perfected by a group of men who went into surgical steel, and they came up with this cobalt chrome alloy. And it’s fantastic. This is the result of state-of-the-art new, of the 3D imaging, and the old. So the engineers, the designers, the inventors, using the top technology that’s available, came up with this wonderful knee that I’m very pleased with.


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Perché una protesi di ginocchio su misura?

If it's not Conformis, it's not truly patient-specific

Perché una protesi di ginocchio su misura?

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