Patient Experience: Marty Meyers
Patient Story

Marty Meyers

iUni & iDuo Recipient Age: 74 Palm Beach, FL Surgeon: Gregory Martin, MD

Marty Meyers saw four different orthopedic surgeons and they all told him the same thing – they said they had implants in a handful of size options and they’d try to find the one that most closely matched. When he saw Dr. Greg Martin, however, he learned that he was a candidate for a customized Conformis iUni® partial knee replacement.

“I was playing golf at six weeks. I don’t fear making a turn and coming through where your knees bend and the bone would rub on the bone. It doesn’t happen anymore, so I don’t even think about it. My whole life just turned around.”

An avid golfer, Marty was eager to get back on the course and was able to do so 6 weeks after knee replacement surgery. He’s also been able to dance and take long walks since surgery.

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Perché una protesi di ginocchio su misura?


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