Patient Experience: Marty Meyers
Patient Story

Marty Meyers

Age: 74 Palm Beach, FL Surgeon: Gregory Martin, MD

Marty Meyers saw four different orthopedic surgeons and they all told him the same thing – they said they had implants in a handful of size options and they’d try to find the one that most closely matched. When he saw Dr. Greg Martin, however, he learned that he was a candidate for a customized Conformis iUni® partial knee replacement.

“I was playing golf at six weeks. I don’t fear making a turn and coming through where your knees bend and the bone would rub on the bone. It doesn’t happen anymore, so I don’t even think about it. My whole life just turned around.”

An avid golfer, Marty was eager to get back on the course and was able to do so 6 weeks after knee replacement surgery. He’s also been able to dance and take long walks since surgery.

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Cal Wood

Cal is a cattle rancher who struggled for 10 years with debilitating knee pain. His osteoarthritis became so bad that he couldn’t perform daily tasks – his pain on a “level from 1 to 10 was a 12”. After surgery, Cal is now able to enjoy his time on the cattle ranch and the golf course again.

MaryEllen Scannell

Six weeks after seeing her doctor about her continued pain, MaryEllen received a Conformis iTotal® in her right and left knee. Just days after surgery she was off her walker and she is now back walking and dancing normally.

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Sue Birtles

Within four months Sue had received a Conformis iTotal® in each of her knees. After the surgery, she is back running on treadmill and swimming.


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