Surgeon Experience: Christopher Cannova, MD

Christopher Cannova, MD

Completing his residency training in orthopaedic surgery at Georgetown University, Dr. Cannova followed this with a fellowship in Joint Reconstruction at the Hospital for Special Surgery/ Cornell University Medical Center in New York. This training included complex total joint replacement and revision total joint surgery.

“The hope is with a technology like this, if we’re not changing that anatomy and we’re not changing the balance of their native knee, then patients will have a higher success rate, feel like this is their normal knee, and essentially forget that they had a knee replacement.”

In addition, Dr. Cannova is specialty trained in the newest techniques of minimally invasive hip and knee replacement surgery including partial joint replacement, joint resurfacing, and alternative bearing joints. His areas of expertise are joint reconstruction and total joint replacement.

Medical School

University of Missouri-Kansas City, School of Medicine


Georgetown University Hospital


Hospital for Special Surgery


American Acadmey of Orthopaedic Surgeons American Medical Association


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