Patient Advocate: Stephanie Donovan

Stephanie Donovan

Patient Advocate

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When did you have your surgery?

I had surgery in May 2016

What were your knees like before surgery?

Every day for the last six years, I couldn’t do much. I couldn’t go sledding because I couldn’t get back up the hill. And I couldn’t ride my bike. I couldn’t walk around the block. I could sometimes not even drive because just bending to accelerate would hurt.

Do you know it took me two days to recover from a Taylor Swift concert that I brought my daughter to? And all I did was stand, but it swelled up like a basketball, and by the time I got home, I had to elevate and ice for two days.

What can you do now that you’ve had your knee replacement?

Now, I can dance at a Taylor Swift concert. And I can walk and I go hiking with my dog for hours and hours in the woods and up hills and rocks and mountains. Every day, three or four hours a day. There is no way to describe how I got my life back.


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Perché una protesi di ginocchio su misura?

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