Patient Experience: MaryEllen Scannell
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MaryEllen Scannell

Age: 61 Lynn, MA

Prior to surgery, MaryEllen did a lot of dancing and hiking. In fact, she even taught two Scottish country dance classes. Over the years, she developed pain in her knees and eventually, the pain became so severe she couldn’t walk, dance, or get out of a chair by herself. MaryEllen tried many treatment options to relieve the pain, including cortisone shots and hyaluronic acid injections

“I reached my goal of being able to walk normally and dance normally and move about my regular life. I’m only 61. I expect to be dancing for at least another 20 years.”

Six weeks after seeing her doctor about her continued pain, MaryEllen received a Conformis iTotal® in her right and left knee. After just days of double knee replacement recovery time, she was off her walker and she is now back walking normally and dancing.

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Marilyn Dodd

Marilyn is an avid CrossFit enthusiast. After a car accident left her with debilitating knee pain, she was unable to do the things she wanted to do. Since her surgery, she has been able to return to her daily life without worrying about her knee pain.

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John Lynch

John is a veterinarian with an active practice whose osteoarthritis in both knees was severely limiting his ability to continue practicing. After surgery John was home in two days and back to work in a week and a half. He’s also able to landscape and walk the dogs.

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Alan Kiel

Alan works as a metal fabricator, which requires constant movement, lifting, and walking on a cement floor. In March of 2010, Alan underwent a knee replacement in his left knee with a non-Conformis implant. Two years later, Alan received a Conformis iUni® partial knee replacement in his right knee.

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