Patient Experience: Marilyn Dodd
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Marilyn Dodd

Mission Viejo, CA

Marilyn is an avid CrossFit enthusiast. After a car accident left her with debilitating knee pain, she was unable to do the things she wanted to do. After multiple surgeries left her cartilage worn away her knee became stiff and she lost range of motion. The first big impact her knee pain had on her life was that she could no longer participate in long distance running. It was that issue that led Marilyn to start CrossFit.

“I’m doing things like row, weights, things I haven’t done in years.”

The pain and discomfort she felt, the lack of mobility – it all came on so gradual that she didn’t realize how bad it had become. Since her knee surgery recovery, she has been able to return to her daily life without worrying about her knee pain. Now when she does CrossFit, Marilyn finds that she doesn’t have to make certain adjustments anymore to compensate for her knee pain. She’s regained her range of motion. The day-to-day differences are evident, even with simple things like walking up and down stairs.

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John is a veterinarian with an active practice whose osteoarthritis in both knees was severely limiting his ability to continue practicing. After surgery John was home in two days and back to work in a week and a half. He’s also able to landscape and walk the dogs.

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Six weeks after seeing her doctor about her continued pain, MaryEllen received a Conformis iTotal® in her right and left knee. Just days after surgery she was off her walker and she is now back walking and dancing normally.

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As a spin, dance and yoga instructor, Rhianna was used to a high level of activity before her arthritis became bone-on-bone. When she could no longer make it through a class, or even drive between studios without stopping to ice her knee, Rhianna discussed the option of a total knee replacement with her surgeon.

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