The Bougainvillea Clinic

Christoph Ahrens, MD

Dr. Christoph Ahrens graduated from Frankfurt University, Germany in 1992 (MBBS equivalent). He obtained a postgraduate Doctor degree (MD) in 1995, and Specialist Orthopaedic Surgeon qualification attained in 2000. He trained in Emstek and Marburg University Trauma Centre for 3 years. Dr. Ahrens then obtained additional work experience in orthopaedics in Lincoln, UK as well as in Tawam University Hospital, UAE where he worked with an international team of surgeons.

He was Certified to have Completed Specialist Training (CCST) in orthopaedic surgery by the General Medical Council of the UK in 2001 and was appointed consultant Orthopaedic surgeon at Pilgrim Hospital Boston, UK. In 2002 he worked as an honorary consultant at Oxford University Hospital in Headington and there gained additional experience in complex and revision total joint replacement surgery. After this fellowship the College of Surgeons in England recognized his German qualifications as equivalent and supported his permanent NHS consultant appointment in Boston.

Dr. Ahrens main specialty is joint replacements of the hip and knee. Since 2003 he has taken a special interest in minimal invasive total hip replacement surgery and has accumulated a lot of experience with the anterior single incision approach. This experience was consolidated during his last 9 years of practice in Bega, Australia.

In Australia Dr. Ahrens was based in the rural town of Bega where he had a Consultant VMO appointment. He consulted from his private office and traveled to five rural hospitals supplying general orthopaedic care, operations and trauma on-call service.

Dr Ahrens has broad experience in common Orthopaedic and Trauma conditions gained in his various international appointments. He performs elective procedures such as, but not limited to, arthroscopy of the knee, decompression and rotator cuff repair of the shoulder, common foot and hand problems.

Dr. Ahrens now works primarily from Bougainvillea Clinic, but shares trauma on-call services and a weekly fracture clinic at Peebles Hospital with his colleague Dr. Buring.

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