Sending Images To Conformis

To ensure the best possible care for the patient it is critical that Conformis protocol scans are sent immediately upon completion of the exam via electronic upload whenever possible.

Conformis offers several methods of secure DICOM data transfer.


Secure Web Upload

Conformis exams can be uploaded from a file containing DICOM via our website. Please go to to upload a scan through our secure .ftp site.


Java Free Upload Option

Conformis offers a Java free upload option via Nuance PowerShare.

The link can be found here:

Please see the Nuance Upload PDF for instructions.



Conformis uses an eRAD PACS system that is capable of establishing a PACS-to-PACS network with systems that send data using TLS encryption. Please check with your PACS vendor to verify the ability to do so.


Image Sharing

Conformis is able to retrieve images from cloud-based image sharing sites. If you are currently using one of these types of applications please contact Conformis Image Support to discuss establishing a connection.


Priority Shipping

Conformis exams that have been saved in uncompressed or loss-less compression DICOM format on a disk (CD or DVD) can be shipped to Conformis. We provide pre-paid envelopes. To obtain a supply, please fill out the form here.

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