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In the wake of COVID-19, we know you will be under more pressure than ever before to treat a large number of patients as efficiently as possible. Demand for outpatient joint replacement procedures is growing and will remain high. Successful facilities benefit from a trusted and aligned team, method for patient selection and communication, and an ally dedicated to the overall success of their TKA practice.

Demand for outpatient joint replacement procedures is growing. Successful facilities benefit from a trusted and aligned team, method for patient selection and communication, and a partner dedicated to the overall success of their practice.

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This is where Conformis comes in.


Conformis’ pre-navigated knee implant (Identity ImprintTM) and hip implants are covered under the same reimbursement codes as our competitors’ off-the-shelf implants. When patients choose to receive a personalized knee implant (iTotal® Identity), then those patients are responsible for paying an incremental, out-of-pocket personalization fee, which varies by medical facility.

A Comprehensive Approach to Address Cost Drivers

We understand your pain points

Outside the OR suite
  • Instrument resterilization ~$60 per tray5
  • Complicated inventory management

How Conformis can help

  • 0-1 trays: reduced need for sterilization
  • Decreased risk for resterilization errors
  • Simplified ordering and delivery models
  • Just-in-time delivery model: no implant inventory

We understand your pain points

Inside the OR suite
  • Operating room costs ~$60 per minute1

How Conformis can help

  • Very little setup
  • Streamlined case prep
  • Potential for decrease in skin-to-skin time
  • Single-use patient‑specific instrumentation
  • Decreased turnover time

We understand your pain points

After the procedure
  • Discharge to rehab costs ~ $70002
  • Average hospital complication ~ $31003

How Conformis can help

  • Patients discharged faster4
  • Less likely to be discharged to rehab5
  • Fewer patients require blood transfusions5
  • $913-$2,200 total cost of care savings4,5
  • Lower cumulative revision rate6
  • No annual/monthly capital expenditure for robot or associated disposable instruments

Superior Clinical Outcomes

Studies comparing Conformis’ personalized knee implants to OTS TKAs have shown:

  • Conformis patients discharged in under 24 hours, at a significantly higher rate than OTS patients1
  • Fewer Conformis patients required blood transfusions2
  • Fewer patients experienced adverse events at both discharge and 90 days after treatment2
  • $913-$2,200 total cost of care savings1,2 to the payer
  • Cumulative revision rate of 0.5% at four years compared to 1.9% cumulative revision rate at the same time-point among all knee replacement patients3

Outpatient Specific Training

Regional, local and virtual training opportunities are available:

  • Surgeon Visitation Program: travel to established ASC facilities and scrub into cases, review protocols, tour the facility/
  • National Training Labs: experience clinical discussions with peers during didactic sessions, hands-on bioskills session hosted by our experienced surgeon proctors

Increase Case Volume and Efficiency

Our system is delivered as one box and one pre-sterilized kit. This just-in-time delivery model minimizes inventory and the need for sterilization, while also reducing setup and teardown times.

Frequently Asked Questions

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How does Conformis help reduce my sterilization costs?

Unlike off-the-shelf (OTS) systems that require up to eight costly sterilized instrument trays, the Conformis model includes a single pre-sterilized kit of patient-specific instruments, a single reusable instrument tray, and no implant inventory.

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I want to reduce turnover time and increase the number of surgeries performed daily. How can Conformis help?

Because Conformis implants are delivered as one box and one tray, there are fewer instruments to manage and the case itself requires very little set up. Studies have shown that medical devices having single package design with pre-sterilized instruments can help save 15-20 minutes of setup time7,8. The Conformis system uses single-use patient‑specific instrumentation, which is discarded after the procedure, decreasing turnover time.

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Are patients demanding Conformis? Are there other facilities in my area using Conformis?

Since beginning our Direct to Consumer program in 2017, we have drawn hundreds of thousands of patient prospects to our web site and patient call center, educating them, enabling them to find medical facilities and surgeons in their area who are trained in our technology, and connecting them with those surgeons.

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How does Conformis help drive patients to my facility and ensure their success?

Conformis is aware that today’s patients are digitally savvy and actively involved in their healthcare. Our highly targeted Direct to Patient programs span multiple channels (both traditional/print outlets and digital) to direct a high volume of qualified and educated patients to Conformis surgeons faster.
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ASC and Outpatient Surgeon Testimonials

Gary Levengood, MD – Atlanta, GA

Wallace Huff, MD – Lexington, KY

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The only truly patient-specific cruciate retaining (CR) and posterior stabilizing (PS) total knee replacements.


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