Hip Replacement Systems

Hip Replacement Systems

Hip Replacement Systems

Conformis has the only primary total hip replacement system on the market with the option of utilizing three dimensional, iFit® image-to-implant® technology, providing a personalized surgical plan, instruments and implants that match each patient’s specific anatomy. ​

Conformis offers four levels of personalization within their total hip portfolio. The top two levels, with preoperative planning offer a model in which personalized instruments and implants arrive to the operating facility ahead of surgery, in a single box minimizing inventory and maximizing efficiencies. All levels only require two instrument trays.

iFit Image To Implant Technology

Personalized THA Solutions from Conformis:​


The highest level of personalization in primary total hip arthroplasty (THA), a Surgery-in-a-Box product from Conformis. The femoral hip implant size and femoral neck are patient specific. The pre-operative plan (iView®), patient specific instruments, hip implant and sizes are designed specifically, from the patient’s pre-operative CT scan and approved by the surgeon prior to manufacturing.​


The pre-operative iView®, based on the patient’s CT scan, provides patient matched, implant sizing and position. The design is approved by the surgeon prior to manufacturing of the patient specific instrumentation. Match is the second highest level of personalization and a Surgery-in-a-Box product. ​

Pro ​

The pre-operative iView®, based on the patient’s CT scan, provides the best matched, stock implant sizes, to the patient’s anatomy. With this option, a surgeon has a personalized, pre-operative surgical plan and orders stock implants and instruments accordingly.​


No CT scan is needed, a surgeon can estimate and order implant sizes based on 2D x-ray templates.

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With hip replacement, the patient’s original femoral head is removed and the joint is replaced with biocompatible components. A metal stem is placed into the hollow center of the femur with a metal or ceramic ball, which articulates with a metal and plastic cup in the acetabulum for smooth joint articulation.

Conformis offers two stem geometries for surgeons to pick from: CORDERA and ACTERA. Both are intended for use with the CORDERA Acetabular system.

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We start with a simple idea: make the implant fit the patient rather than force the patient to fit the implant

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