Medical Education

Medical Education

Conformis provides a number of opportunities for surgeons to get hands-on training and experience with our patient-specific total and partial knee replacement systems.

Bioskills Training Labs

Get hands-on experience with the Conformis total or partial knee solutions at one of our national or regional Training Labs. Surgeon faculty will lead focused groups through the procedure using implants and instruments specifically designed to the specimen. Following the lab, you will circle back with the proctors in a comprehensive didactic session. As a surgeon, you can expect the following value at these events:

  • Clinical benefits of anatomic knee reconstruction based on CT imaging
  • Hands-on experience with the Conformis knee replacement surgical technique and iJig® instrumentation
  • Comprehensive clinical discussions with your peers
  • Presentation of the design concept driving the Conformis knee

Boston National Training Lab

October 13, 2018
Boston Bioskills

Our Boston National Training Lab was a huge success! More than 40 surgeons experienced a CAD demonstration while on a tour of our manufacturing facility, engaged in didactic discussion, and took part in hands-on bioskills training with our skilled faculty; Drs. Greg Ballard, Bryan Huber, Amit Lahav, Tariq Nayfeh, Vivek Neginhal, Richard Rosa, Robert Tait, and Phillip Volk.

Click here for more photos of the event – be on the lookout for the 2019 training lab schedule coming soon!

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Surgeon Visitation Program

Observe live Conformis surgeries over a full-day visit to one of our partnering hospitals across the country. Your proctor will guide you through the procedure in his or her own OR, giving you a real-world example of knee replacement surgical technique and operating room flow. You can meet over dinner or breakfast to discuss tips, pearls, and clinical results and we encourage you to stay in touch after your visit as you prepare for your first cases. We’ll tailor the visit to meet your objectives. Learn about:

  • Benefits of anatomic knee reconstruction based on CT imaging
  • Surgical technique and OR flow
  • Patient selection and expected outcomes
  • Patient flow in a hospital or an ASC setting


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