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Travis Kieckbusch, M.D.
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Travis Kieckbusch is a true blue Nevadan. Raised in Reno from a young age, he has moved out of state only once, to further his medical education with a residency at the Medical College of Wisconsin in Milwaukee. He received a Bachelor Degree in Biochemistry from the University of Nevada Reno, earned his MD at the University Nevada Reno School of Medicine and has chosen to build his practice and care for the community he knows and loves.

A rite of passage for many northern Nevadans, Dr. Kieckbusch grew-up with rodeo. He, along with his mom, uncles, and now his wife and kids, have all participated in the sport and endured the injuries that inevitably come with it. His love of rodeo carried into his professional career where Dr.Kieckbusch focuses much of his practice on sports-related injuries. He is a member of the Justin Sportsmedicine team, providing medical care for pro rodeo athletes, an official Orthopaedic Consultant for the University of Nevada Wolf Pack athletes.

Patients sit squarely at the center of Dr. Kieckbusch’s practice. He works hard to maintain his schedule so that patients rarely have to wait for scheduled appointments and to ensure each one has the time they need with their doctor. He also goes out of his way to make himself accessible to patients outside of appointments, personally taking their phone calls whenever possible. Dr. Kieckbusch believes in taking the time to find each patient’s appropriate care path and considers himself conservative when it comes to surgery, opting to try alternative treatments first.

A former Chief of Orthopaedics for Renown Medical Center, Dr. Kieckbusch is currently Chief of Staff for Northern Nevada Medical Center. He is also on the Board of Directors of Quail Surgery Center and a member of Washoe County Medical Society. He shares his knowledge of orthopaedic and sports injury with groups at rodeo events, including the 2013-16 National Finals Rodeo, medical conferences, and high school athletic trainers. Dr. Kieckbusch also makes time to help educate the doctors of tomorrow as an associate professor with the University of Nevada School of Medicine.

Dr. Kieckbusch, along with his wife and two daughters, take advantage of all that northern Nevada has to offer. In addition to enjoying rodeo activities, you’ll find him hunting, fishing and cheering on the Wolf Pack.

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