iTotal PS

iTotal PS Full Knee Replacement

  • iTotal PS is the only truly custom-made posterior stabilized total knee replacement, designed with:
  • Customized femoral and tibial fit to avoid overhang, under-coverage, and sizing compromises
  • Customized shape designed to provide stability through range of motion and to restore kinematics
  • Customized cam and spine to provide optimal stability and reduce potential for “mechanical” feel
  • Patient data to enable a predictable, reproducible knee replacement surgery procedure
  • A simplified delivery model that includes a single pre-sterilized kit, a single reusable instrument tray, and no implant inventory
  • iTotal PS is designed with all the elements of the iTotal CR plus patient-specific cam and spine features to reduce mechanical issues that can cause component wear and impingement.
Other Products

Other Products

Conformis also offers a cruciate retaining total knee option, as well as unicompartmental and bicompartmental implants.

Custom-Made Knee Implants

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Custom-Made Knee Implants

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