The Only Truly Customized
PS Total Knee Replacement

How can a customized knee give you better stability, more normal
kinematics, and a better fit?

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Our core philosophy is
based on 4 things

Customized Fit

It's all about FIT

iTotal PS femoral and tibial components are customized for each patient to avoid overhang, under-coverage, and sizing compromises. This design virtually eliminates fit and mal-rotation issues that can lead to pain1,2 and avoids sizing compromises that can lead to increased revision rates3

Customized Shape

Customized SHAPE for each patient's anatomy

It starts by recreating each patient’s unique femoral articulating surfaces. With iTotal, the patient’s anatomic J-curves provide the basis for the implant design.We respect each patient’s anatomic condylar shape to provide stability throughout the entire range of motion, restoring natural kinematics.

Customized Cam-Spine

Customized CAM & SPINE

The design of the cam-spine shape, location, and size is customized to respect each patient’s unique J-curves through the range of motion. iTotal PS provides optimal stability, restores kinematics by working in concert with the patient’s J-curves, and reduces the potential for “mechanical feel.”

Reproducible Technique

A Predictable, REPRODUCIBLE procedure

Patient data enables a reproducible procedure by enabling 3 key areas: pre-navigated components, customized instrumentation, and the iView® pre-operative plan. These 3 components are delivered to the hospital a few days before surgery in a single, pre-sterilized kit.

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