Personalized Knee and Hip Replacement Procedures

Personalized surgical procedures with either a fully patient-specific implant made just for you, or with a patient-matched standard implant that is sized and selected by computer algorithms for your optimal fit. You choose!

Patient-Specific Knee Replacement

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Imagine Life with a Conformis Personalized Knee Replacement

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Joint Pain

You've been experiencing long-term joint pain.

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Road To Recovery

Joint replacement and physical therapy to restore natural motion

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Joint Replacement Systems for Personalized Procedures

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You choose your level of personalization! All of our full knee replacement solutions include personalized pre-surgical plans and single-use, 3D-printed surgical instruments.

Patient-Matched: Imprint

Total Knee Replacement

Cutting-edge standard implant that is sized and pre-selected by our proprietary computer algorithm for your optimal fit.

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Patient-Specific: Identity

Total Knee Replacement

Patient-specific implant made individually just for your unique anatomy. May require an upgrade services fee not covered by health insurance.

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We also offer personalized partial knee replacement options, including iUni and iDuo.

iUni & iDuo

Components for hip replacement surgery may be patient-specific or patient-matched. In either case, your surgeon will be able to refer to a personalized pre-surgical plan and to use personalized, 3D-printed instruments for your hip replacement procedure.

Patient-Matched Hip Replacement

Standardized components for hip replacement with personalized planning and instruments available.

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Patient-Specific Hip Replacement

Key hip replacement components designed for your anatomy.

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Product Videos

Learn more about the science behind our patient-specific knee and hip implants.

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Hear from Real Conformis Patients and Surgeons

“My friends say to me, ‘You’re kicking our butt on the court’ and I respond,‘It’s the precision fit, baby!’”

—Quote from patient with patient-specific implant See Patient Experiences

“[Conformis] patient specific implants more reliably allow my patients to meet post-operative milestones and return to sporting activities quicker”

—ROBERT TAIT, M.D. See Surgeon Experiences

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