Can I Stride Toward a Life With Less Pain?

My name is Amy Frenz and I have a Conformis implant

I have been physically active all of my life. In the ‘80’s I was a personal trainer and for the past 26 years I have been an Adapted Physical Education teacher for students in Significant Support Needs programs in Colorado. I also enjoy officiating high school basketball. Enjoying athletics over the years I have been no stranger to injuries, including two ACL surgeries and a meniscus removal in my left knee. At the age of 59, osteoarthritis in my knee became so severe that I routinely felt extreme pain.

The children with special needs that I work with are in wheelchairs or use adaptive equipment to participate in physical education classes. Frequently I transfer them in and out of their wheelchairs or other mobility equipment. I had no problems transferring them, but the pivoting and squatting motions required to move them became extremely painful. It caused me concern for my own well-being and the safety of my students. My ability to referee basketball games was also compromised. Again, the problem was pain in my knee. I tried many different treatments to try to minimize my pain, but all results were temporary. It became apparent that total knee replacement was necessary to regain my normal level of activity.

Through research, I learned about the Conformis knee and saw that the implant is made using 3D printing from a CT scan. It was appealing that this method would be customized to resemble my own natural knee. I also found that traditional off-the-shelf knee replacements come in a limited range of sizes with a risk that they may not fit properly. I met with Dr. Ronald Royce at Centura Health who confirmed I was a candidate for the customized implant, I was thrilled.

I had my Conformis surgery in June 2017. I was in the hospital for a short stay for observation and pain management. I completed nearly 10 weeks of physical therapy to include a prescribed exercise regimen independently. I was determined to be active again, I don’t consider being physically active a job, it is my passion. I was able to get back to work after our summer break and have enjoyed returning to officiating this winter. I am very pleased to enjoy my activities without pain.

I am happy to share information about my Conformis knee implant choice so that others have the opportunity to consider this option as well.


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