Patient Experience: Ralph Dreitzler
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Ralph Dreitzler

Age: 64 Kirkland, WA

As a dressage instructor, Ralph Drietzler knows the importance of being light and quick on your feet around horses. After having one knee replaced with an off-the-shelf implant (and being unhappy with the results), Ralph decided to speak with Dr. Vincent Santoro about a custom-made solution in hope of experiencing less pain after knee replacement surgery.

Watch as he compares the function of his off-the-shelf knee to his Conformis knee!

More Expiriences

More Patient Experiences

Elaine Anderson

Elaine enjoyed hiking and took both ballet and modern jazz dance classes before she suffered a knee injury while at the gym. Her knees continued to degrade over the next 10 years to the point where she could barely walk. After receiving 2 custom-made knees, she is back to her active lifestyle.

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Cal Wood

Cal is a cattle rancher who struggled for 10 years with debilitating knee pain. His osteoarthritis became so bad that he couldn’t perform daily tasks – his pain on a “level from 1 to 10 was a 12”. After surgery, Cal is now able to enjoy his time on the cattle ranch and the golf course again.

Marilyn Dodd

Marilyn is an avid CrossFit enthusiast. After a car accident left her with debilitating knee pain, she was unable to do the things she wanted to do. Since her surgery, she has been able to return to her daily life without worrying about her knee pain.

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