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Using the same CT scan data that we use when designing each implant, each iJig set:

  • Has built-in mechanical axis alignment and image guidance
  • Utilizes surface contour data from the patient’s joint designed to ensure that each iJig is precisely sized and shaped to match the targeted anatomy in only one location and with one orientation.
  • Reduces the number of required instruments and steps in the surgical technique and improves reproducibility
  • Eliminates the need for more invasive intra-medullary alignment methods and expensive computer assisted navigation systems

In the operating room, less is more

The typical knee replacement surgery requires 5-10 trays of specialized instrumentationi. All instrument trays opened require set up, break down and sterilization. This means more time and resources have to be spent by the surgeon and staff.

Our pre-navigated iJig® instrumentation comes pre-sterilized in the same box as the implant. Because they are patient-specific, they’re also disposable, reducing the need for inventory and re-sterilization. This also means that your iJigs are used for your surgery, and only your surgery.

Surgeons: 10 Things To Know

Not all patient-specific systems are created equal

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i: Mont, M.; Single-use instrumentation, cutting blocks, and trials decrease contamination during total knee arthroplasty: Journ Knee Surg; 2012

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